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Mexican talents receive sports scholarship

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MEXICALI.- The Institute of Sport and Physical Culture (INDE), of Baja California, with the director Lourdes Cañez Martínez continued this Friday with the “Scholarship Delivery” to sports talents and on this occasion the beneficiaries were the Mexicalenses.

After the scholarship was delivered last Thursday to the people of Ensenada, this time the Plaza de Banderas, of the Ciudad Deportiva, witnessed the “Delivery of Scholarships” to conventional and Paralympic athletes, corresponding to the period July-December 2021 .

Lourdes Cañez, accompanied in the presidium by Roberto Quintero Mármol, director of Sports Talent Development, and by José Manuel Zayas, weightlifting coach, made the symbolic delivery to the Paralympic archer Liliana Montiel and continental runner-up in weightlifting in Cali 2021, Anthony Govea.

Talents from field hockey, associated wrestling, swimming, softball, fencing, weightlifting, athletics, and Paralympic athletes, among others, met at the Sports City for the awarding of scholarships, where they received their check from INDE.

In her message, the Director General of INDE urged the talents to have their life project, including reaching the Olympic Games and standing on the podium to receive an Olympic medal, just as Aremi Fuentes has achieved, in weights, and Luis “Grandfather” Álvarez, in archery.

Lourdes Cañez mentioned that the two Olympic medalists in Tokyo 2020 received a check for the amount of 50 thousand pesos, an amount that 20 or 30 athletes hope to obtain in Paris 2024.

“Hopefully we will have that problem in 2024, now how do we pay the check to the 20 or 30 who went, who won a medal in Paris 2024 or who reach Los Angeles 2028,” said Cañez Martínez.

He also thanked the parents for their support of their children, the sports talents of Baja California, for being the pillars for them to continue in search of their dreams as athletes, model citizens and bearers of colors that are gratifying, not not only for the State, but for the country.

“Thank you on behalf of the State of Baja California for continuing to work day by day, continuing to invest hours of effort, hours of enthusiasm,” said Lourdes Cañez.


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