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Shinji Mizushima, a manga artist who gained popularity in baseball manga such as “Dokaben,” “Abu-san,” and “Yakyukyo no Uta,” died at a hospital in Tokyo on the 10th due to pneumonia. I was 82 years old.
“Dokaben,” which began serialization in 1972, is a masterpiece that has continued for over 40 years until the serialization of the series ends in 2018. A total of 205 volumes have been published in the series.
When Mr. Mizushima announced his “retirement” two years ago, he will republish a special article that verifies his great achievements.[Firstappearance:NumberWebDecember192020titlesetcatthattime]

NHK’s morning drama “Ale”, which depicts Yuji Koseki, a musician who is indispensable for talking about Japanese sports-related music, will reach its final episode on November 27, four days later (December 1). Shinji Mizushima, a master of baseball manga, announces “retirement”. I was surprised at the timing.

Yuji Koseki and Shinji Mizushima.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be related, but the insert song “Ah Koshien” that was played in the last scene of the final episode of the anime version of “Dokaben”, a masterpiece of Professor Mizushima (broadcast on December 26, 1979), is Yuji Koseki. the work. It is a masterpiece that praises the soil of Koshien and the children who should be called “baseball version, praise of the earth”.

90% nine minutes is called “Yamada”

The name Dokaben comes from the big lunch box (* with various theories) that the main character, Taro Yamada, brings to school, but that big feature has the major premise that “Taro Yamada is called Dokaben”. It was a magnificent saga that progressed. However, there are surprisingly few scenes that were actually called “Dokaben” in the play.

In the first episode, Masami Iwaoni also called himself “Dokaben”, and Gosuke Domon, a pitcher of Yokohama Gakuin who appeared later, was also called by the same nickname, and due to that “Dokaben difference”, Santaro smiled inadvertently transferred to Akinori High School. It also created an opportunity to do it.

In the early episodes, Taro Yamada is sometimes called “Dokaben” or “Taro Dokaben”, but 90% of the time is usually called “Yamada”.

In one of the few scenes called “Dokaben”, the one that impressed me personally was the Shinkansen Kodama (Nozomi did not exist at the time of serialization, Hikari at Shin-Yokohama Station) that departed from Shin-Osaka Station on the way back from Koshien in the summer of High School 1. In the car (which didn’t stop), Iwaoni asked, “Hey Dokaben, where is the next stop in Niigata?”

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