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Japanese soccer legend Kazuyoshi Miura will continue to build on his football legacy. After a year without much activity at Yokohama FC, the Japanese decided to continue his path at a Fourth Division club, Suzuka Point Getters.

Miura is the oldest player in the world, at 54 years old. In fact, next February it will reach 55.

Since 1986, Kazuyoshi started his professional career. He even started his journey in Brazil, when he became an element of Santos.

In addition, he was part of teams such as Palmeiras, Club de Regatas, Esporte Club XV de Noviembre and Curitiba.

In 1990 he returned to his country, already as a figure, so the Yomiuri hired him for two seasons.

Later he was part of Verdy Kawasaki, before emigrating to Italy to fulfill his dream of playing in the Old Continent, with Genoa of Italy.

Years later he was a member of the Croatia Zagreb. However, he could not stand out in Europe, so he had to return to Japan to continue his path in professional football.

Since 2006 he was part of Yokohama FC. In fact, when the team arrived it was in the Second Division, so it was a fundamental piece to get promotion.

The Japanese team decided to renew it thanks to what has been done for 15 years, but this last season was in decline.

Kazuyoshi is still not thinking about retirement, as he considers that he still has the physique that professional football requires.

Being a coach is not in Miura’s mind. He has even said in several interviews that if necessary he would die on the pitch, where he has spent more time than anywhere else, since he has played more than 44 thousand minutes.

“I aspire to play as many games as possible as a starter. I want to do my best to help the team reach its goal of finishing in the top 10. When I signed my first professional contract, in Brazil, at the age of 18, I never would have imagined that I would continue to play until this age.

“Right now I don’t think about being a coach. Nor do I think I will ever leave football. I think that in one way or another I will continue to be linked to sport. I don’t know how long I’m going to continue playing, it could be tomorrow or in two or three years, because that’s what I love ”.

Kazuyoshi Miura, Japanese player



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