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Mbappé can already sign for Real Madrid

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Expectation, anxiety, longing to know, silences that kill, silences that say it all, and discretion for montera. The most important signing in recent times can be signed today and no one will make it public. Kylian Mbappé He has the right to sign this contract with Real Madrid on the first day of January with the executive date of July, which is when his professional relationship with PSG ends. An agreement with the Spanish club scheduled in six seasons with a token of 21 million euros net per season, similar to that received by Cristiano at the white house. A salary that will actually be much higher because, once the agreement is signed, the forward will receive a transfer bonus of 40 million euros that he will distribute with his father, Wilfried Mbappe, and with the French lawyer Delphine Verheyden, the woman who has told him for two years that if he wants to be a football legend he must leave the Paris Saint Germain and sign for Real Madrid.

The confrontation in the Champions between Real Madrid and PSG may mean that the whole operation does not offer official light until spring, because if the Madrid entity reaches an agreement with Mbappé, with a practical date of July 1, it must first inform the Parisian club, which later may or may not make that news public. And what the Madrid institution does not want is to harm the footballer, as he will be a player for the French team until June.

«PSG gives you 36 million euros a year, but that money will be collected by you in advertising and image rights when you play at the Bernabéu, where you can write the history of football that you want ». Delphine’s words contrasted a few months ago with those of Papa Wilfried, who only saw the first tree, the succulent money from Qatar, and not the forest of what it will mean in his son’s career to belong to Real Madrid for at least two decades . It often happens that money suddenly clouds the view of the long term.

Kylian Mbappé saw that his father had an ancient, primitive vision, with fresh money as a fixation, almost like a bullfighting hoax. When he heard that Al-Khelaifi was offering him 36 million euros net per year per season, his father’s eyes flew. But the son paid attention to the lawyer, to that woman who came to change the course of her professional career. To that French woman who presented the battle against PSG with three refusals to three multimillion dollar offers. He asked the boy to hold the pressure, which is not easy. Meanwhile mom Fayza Lamari, he played to wink at the owners of Qatar. Good cop, bad cop and the PSG ‘gendarmerie’ wrapped in many words with the conditional ‘yes’ ahead.

Dad, Wilfried, is a Cameroonian immigrant who was a soccer player and coach. Mom, Fayza, was also an athlete, a handball player. The father represented his son when he was only 18 years old and was the one who rejected his move to Real Madrid four seasons ago. It happened in July 2017. Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez had reached an agreement with the Monaco to sign Mbappé for a fixed € 120 million plus € 30 million in bonuses. But Wilfried then requested a net 11 million token for his son, who had only played one season in the French League, and the white president did not hire him, because at that time Cristiano, Benzema and Bale were the starters and Mbappé would be a substitute for they. Today, if he signs, he will be the leader of the Madrid attack.

Knockout and attacks

The forward has endured harassment from the Arab owners this year, has been whistled and booed by PSG fans and has a difficult challenge to face Real Madrid in the Champions League. If the Parisian team wins, the player will be praised and will live more relaxed until May. If he is eliminated in March, the accusations against Mbappé will be the harshest of these two years of dialectical combat, defined by the verbal attacks of the sports director, Leonardo, and his coach, Pochettino, who have placed him several times at the feet of the horses of the team’s radicals, Arab supporters who have PSG as an escape route from their pride .

The lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, who charges the same fixed hourly rate regardless of whether the client earns ten thousand euros or ten million, has advised him to overcome this long period playing football to the best of his ability and to worry only about what has happened and not about what that may come.

These types of futures contracts are signed with intermediaries who are front men and have clauses for non-compliance, from insurance for serious injury or accident to a fine for the footballer if in the end they do not sign it and break the deck. Mbappé is very clear that he does not want to continue in the Paris Saint Germain. He thinks that if he had already been at Real Madrid he would have won the Ballon d’Or. Now, more mature, he will ignore his father. Kylian runs her own career.

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