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Martres-Tolosane. Torii Judo Club: medals and Christmas chocolates

by archysport

Friday January 7, all the judokas of the Torii Judo Club were invited to a common training to celebrate the new year. No less than 60 judokas, from the youngest to the oldest, gathered on the tatami of Martres-Tolosane. The opportunity to give 2 black belts to Lucas Casbas and Antony Abadie. Deprived of a shared meal due to the health crisis, the participants still enjoyed chocolates left by Santa Claus. The day after this superb evening, the club’s judokas took part in the Lavelanet Grand Prix in Ariège, earning their medals. In the standings:

– Among Cadets – 52 kg: Haïdy Pelous (2nd) and Cathy Morteyrol (3rd); – 57 kg: Anaïs Tussau (2nd); – 60 kg: Samuel Casbas (unclassified); – 66 kg: Antony Abadie (1st);

– In the Juniors – 63/70 kg: Marion Morteyrol (1st) and Louise Morteyrol (not classified);

Also at the 2nd Minimes criterium which took place on Saturday January 8 in Toulouse: Ondine Coudert ranked 1st (- 63 kg) and Emma Grand 5th (- 44 kg).

Cédric and Luca Casbas took part in the refereeing criterium. As a reminder, the courses are open from 5 to 77 years old. Two trial sessions are offered. Registration is done on site at the dojo, chemin Lacassagne in Martres-Tolosane during classes from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. For any information contact Bruno on 06 22 50 50 65 or by email at [email protected].

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