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Maradona Stadium, Councilor Ferrantefa visits sports associations

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“Social function”. In view of the memorandum of understanding between the municipality of Naples e Cones Campania, the continuous monitoring of city facilities by the councilor for sport continues Emanuela Ferrante. After the round table at the Kodokan and the fruitful debate aimed at overcoming the critical issues and reasoning together on the issues that affect samples and users, the inspection of the Scandone and to the swimming pool of Jumpers, it was the turn of the Diego Armando Maradona stadium receive a visit from the exponent of the Giunta Manfredi.

A ride on the track, a greeting to the runners, a survey of the gyms, an intense conversation with the associations that use the Fuorigrotta, in fact a true urban multifunctional for the many disciplines practiced within it. A reflection on management models has been set up and at the same time an analysis has been drawn up on the social repercussions and on the impact of the neighborhoods concerned, considering the funds of the National recovery and resilience plan (Pnrr), also aimed at redeveloping the sports facilities.

More sport translates into the budget of San Giacomo Palace (but the discourse can also be extended to Campania Region) with lower healthcare costs and greater social integration. “The stadium is not just football,” he noted Ferrante. “I found a wonderful reality, made up of associations that perform an incredible social function,” he said. First time for the councilor for sport inside the arena so dear to the Neapolitans. The orientation is clear: guaranteeing the public function of sports facilities and involving them in their management, alongside the common, the Cones and the local sports associations.

The photo with the words «Naples“Behind and the compliments formulated toEnterprise for the recently won scudetto, the tricolor won at Italian club championship ai Absolute. «Athletics has a long history a Fuorigrotta, made up of people, reality and successes, thanks also to the splendid and unique setting in which every day manages to take place, despite the many difficulties (poor lighting, deposits, coexistence with football, lack of parking) “, he argues Carlo Cantals, national councilor Fidal. And right at the Maradona the multi-titled sprinter trains Alessandro Sibilio, registered for the Yellow Flames, already undisputed king ofEurope, which became the protagonist at Olympic Games from Tokyo.

«Always constructive confrontation with the institutions, culminating in the restyling work on the occasion of the Universiade 2019, which have made a new stadium for the community, with one of the most beautiful and performing tracks inItaly», He highlights satisfied Chants. «To solve small daily criticalities, necessary to make the splendid one more comfortable, welcoming and adequate to the needs of children Diego Armando Maradona stadium“, suggest.

Karate, judo, boxing, athletics and more: the sporting world talked about its excellence and welcomed the interest of the sports commissioner with pleasure. Hopes and projects, programs and future, without neglecting legitimate concerns. “The synergy of all the sports realities of the structure has made it possible to create a permanent garrison of socialization, but also of mutual aid, sometimes of” maintenance “of the shared infrastructures, useful to all users”, he argues Chants, interpreting the requests of his colleagues.

International sporting events are dreamed of, compatibly with the calendar of the Naples. “For some time we have been discussing this with the common: unfortunately it is not easy to fit everything together. It would be nice to be able to relive great emotions again like those shared on the 8 lanes of the Maradona (so St. Paul) during the University games. Dialogue between companies, Federations, common e Campania Region it will certainly lead to those synergies useful for the further expansion of the city’s sporting culture and for new opportunities to promote tourism throughout our territory “, he concludes confidently Chants.


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