Home basketball Luka Doncic against Nikola Jokic and Kevin Durant against Ja Morant, it’s okay we shouldn’t be too bored

Luka Doncic against Nikola Jokic and Kevin Durant against Ja Morant, it’s okay we shouldn’t be too bored

by archysport

A new week is starting, a new year itself, but always the same ritual: before the start of the night’s matches, we present the program to you to warm you up a bit. And tonight, there are some posters that are worth it, especially on the Brooklyn side.


  • 1h : Sixers – Rockets
  • 1h : Wizards – Hornets
  • 1h30 : Nets – Grizzlies
  • 2h: Bulls – Magic
  • 2h: Bucks – Pistons
  • 2h: Pelicans – Jazz
  • 2h30 : Mavericks – Nuggets (sur beIN Sports Max 7)
  • 4h : Warriors – Heat (sur beIN Sports 1)
  • 4h : Blazers – Hawks
  • 4h30 : Clippers – Wolves


Nets – Grizzlies (1h30) : Want to see what a pissed off Kevin Durant looks like on a parquet floor? That’s good, it’s for tonight. After two consecutive losses at home, one against the Sixers of Joel Embiid and another a little shameful against the C team of the Clippers, KD and the Nets must recover as soon as possible to avoid seeing the Bulls – now first to the East – distance themselves. While waiting for the return of Kyrie Irving, Durant may well panic the counters alongside a James Harden who seems to have regained all his abilities. However, opposite, there is not just anyone. Memphis is four consecutive victories under the impetus in particular of Desmond Bane and especially of a Ja Morant potentially player of the week in the West. While the Grizzlies phenomenon is booming at the moment, Memphis continues to solidify its place behind the magical Golden State – Phoenix – Utah trio. This should therefore give us a big fight, even if Taylor Jenkins will have to compose without Dillon Brooks, Kyle Anderson or De’Anthony Melton.


  • Joel Embiid who faces the Rockets, watch out for the construction site. FYI, Houston will land in Philadelphia without Kevin Porter Jr. and Christian Wood, punished for their bad behavior in the classroom.
  • Wizards – Hornets, there is a way that it sparks that. Bradley Beal and the Wizards are expected to take revenge on Charlotte, winner of the previous two confrontations.
  • Bulls – Magic, Bucks – Pistons and Pelicans – Jazz at 2am, if you like unbalanced matches this is for you.
  • Luka Doncic is back and facing him he will have Nikola Jokic. A dream match for purists. PS: Kristaps Porzingis is out (health protocol).
  • Back-to-back complicated for the Heat at Golden State. Can we really lose to Sacramento and win against the Warriors the next day?
  • Portland – Atlanta, the first to reach 130 points wins.
  • Clippers – Wolves to end the night, not sure we can hold out.

Ten games on the menu including a few posters that clearly deserve a look, that should satisfy us for this new NBA night. In the meantime, to get you in the mood, there will be a little Go Coffee on Twitch at midnight to start 2022 in style.

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