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List brings the best free Football Managers for iOS and Android | Games

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Football management games have been a craze since the 90s. And if at the time you had to resort to PCs and video games to play, nowadays you can enjoy classics and new titles in the palm of your hand. Check out the list of the 10 best Manager-style games for iOS and Android:

The Football Manager is the most famous nowadays. And this popularity is not only due to the simple player and team management options, but also the possibility to face teams of players from all over the world and the football coach Mourinho himself – who is the big star of the game.

Top Eleven 2019 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

One of the most famous football franchises on the planet also decided to bet on the team management category. PES Manager brings elements of the franchise, as well as the possibility to see the matches in real time with cutting-edge graphics for mobile devices.

PES Manager — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

The most famous football manager in Brazil also has a smartphone version. In Elifoot 2019, you will find the elements that have made the series a success since the 90s. However, to have a complete experience of the game, you must buy the Pro version.

Elifoot 19 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

The big difference between Dream League Manager Football 2019 and its competitors is the way in which it brings a balance of management and “played” football elements. And while it’s possible to control your team and players like a normal game, the big highlight is the administration and licensing options for the world’s top teams and athletes.

Dream League Manager Football 2019 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

If you are looking for a game with the most up-to-date elements possible, Fantasy Manager Football 2019 is the best choice. That’s because the game features a system for updating the attributes of real players, making the real world directly impact the title and create even greater dynamism.

Fantasy Manager Football 2019 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

Unlike other games, Top Football Manager 2019 makes the player have more roles of a director than a football manager. With this, you will spend more time managing administrative tasks, but which directly interfere with the performance of the team. Highlight for the online mode options that even allow you to interact with your friends.

Top Football Manager 2019 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

Very popular in countries like Japan, SEGA Pocket Club Manager has recently arrived on mobile devices in Brazil. The game mixes football elements with RPG, combined with cartoon graphics and lots of fun in the best SEGA style. Also noteworthy is the possibility of putting your face and that of your friends on the virtual athletes.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

Underworld Football Manager

Unlike its competitors, Underworld Football Manager bets on illegal elements to become popular in the genre. Instead of acting within the law, to grow in the game you have to practice bribery, vandalism and other inappropriate methods washed down with a good dose of humor.

Underworld Football Manager — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

If you’re looking for a game that’s simpler to administer and more straightforward to play, New Star Manager is the best option. Filled with tutorials and pre-programmed settings, the game is made for the most impatient who want short-term results without wasting too much time managing the day to day of their club.

New Star Manager — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

Unlike New Star Manager, in Soccer Manager 2019 there are several elements to manage the day to day of your club. Highlight for the various attributes that each of the athletes have, making the purchase and sale of players more calculated than usual.

Soccer Manager 2019 — Photo: Reproduction/Felipe Vinha

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