Liga Betplay: Jhon Duque spoke about Millonarios and his arrival at Verde Antioqueño | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Presentation day at Atlético Nacional. Jhon Duque He had contact with the media where he thanked the opportunity to return to Colombia and compete in the purslane team. In addition, he touched on the issue of Millionaires, a club that did not seek him out to return to our football.

“I am grateful to be here, it gives me the opportunity to return to my country, I learned a lot in Mexico and dreamed of being close to my family. It is a great challenge, I take it with great pride and as I have done throughout my life. race I will not save a drop of sweat, “said Duque.

In addition, “I only owe Millionaires thanks, in the last few days I received messages that they did not like the one that will come to Nacional. I chose to be here because it is a large institution that wants to win titles and with Millionaires I did not get close. This was the best decision I had made. I could have taken and from the beginning I would have chosen to be in National and wear these colors. “

As for what he can contribute to the team, Jhon pointed out that “what will characterize the group is the leadership that we have from our positions. We have great players, we have a very competitive squad. In Colombia I played as a brand midfielder, in Mexico learned to be more mixed and it is something that I appreciate. I will try to give the team versatility “.

Finally, the player who has a family from Antioquia, spoke about that dream of playing for the Colombian National Team and a memory with Alexander Mejía, who is now a teammate. “Many years ago I was a sparring partner for the Colombia National Team and I received Alex Mejía’s shirt. It is a dream to play for the National Team, but you have to work on it every day, provide the best in this institution.”

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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