Kevin Durant’s huge focus on Kyrie after the loss

After a victory for the return of Kyrie Irving, the Nets were drastically beaten this Friday night, without the point guard. A problem that is confirmed in Brooklyn, to the point that some journalists have asked Kevin Durant an interesting question. The latter does not have hesitated to clarify matters.

The return of Kyrie Irving went well this week for the Nets, with solid success against the Pacers. Good news for Steve Nash’s men, who were very anxious to find the star again. However, the first difficulties are felt, like this Friday night against Milwaukee.

Brooklyn hosted the defending champions, home and therefore without Kyrie, not allowed to play in New York City. Patty Mills was propelled by 3 points on the finish line, 1/8 on the shot. The difference is felt, and the frustration climbs among the fans.

Should Kyrie Irving get vaccinated?

It is clear that Kyrie’s absence is major, especially when the point guard goes back and forth during the season, which can cost his team dearly. Kevin Durant was questioned on this subject, in order to know if he would discuss with his teammate concerning the vaccine: the answer is clear.

I am not going to force anyone to take the vaccine… No matter what decision he takes, he will stick to it.

Today, it’s clear that Kyrie doesn’t feel like getting the vaccine, and there’s no hint that he will change his mind in the near or even the distant future. The Nets will therefore have to manage this soap opera in their own way, but possibly with a lot of defeats in the lot.

Widely beaten by the Bucks, do the Nets have what it takes to fight in the playoffs without Kyrie Irving? The question can be widely asked. Questioning expected from the front office, which may have to make a strong decision.



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