Karim Adarvez trains with big goals in mind

On November 20, 2021, in the final of the National Judo Championship, Adarvez suffered a torn ligament in the elbow of his left arm and was removed from his place. This dislocation demands a few months of recovery and the inability to train under normal conditions. However, rehabilitation is well advanced and Karim hopes to be back in competition soon.

“I have been in rehabilitation for six weeks after the ligament tear in the elbow of my left arm, and the evolution is going by leaps and bounds. This said by professionals. That is the product of my predisposition and mental training when it comes to recovery, I wake up every day thinking that I am going to recover faster than I thought ”, said the judoka.

The athlete who integrates High Performance, for the moment, trains with a stationary bike and goes out for a run, which allows increasing physical preparation. Pablo Nale is his physical trainer, who makes him work with his right arm, but gives him little mobility. “I train technical and tactical judo gestures with my head, but I’m not making big moves at the moment. I can only give mobility to one arm, but I don’t demand it too much at the moment, “he added.

The objectives for Adarvez this year are more important than in previous years. He was national runner-up on two occasions, and in 2022 he aspires to achieve the crown in the Argentine competition.

In addition, his goal is to return to international competition (last year he was in Spain) and he will want to fight again to score points within the Olympic cycle thinking about Paris 2024. “This year I will try to return to Europe to try to represent the country and do the best in these remaining years of the Olympic cycle. My maximum dream is to be within the 50 of the ranking and to be able to qualify for the games ”, commented Karim.

Karim Adarvez has between eyebrows and participation in the South American games to be played in Asunción, Paraguay, in October. In this contest he intends to achieve victory. Prior to this tournament, the Pan American Judo will be held on April 17, in which he will be present as long as he recovers from his injury, and the national coach will evaluate him in what conditions he is to compete.

The San Juan thanked the health professionals of the Sports Department for helping him in his recovery, the support of his physical trainer, family, friends and people of San Juan.




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