Junior will debut against Patriotas in League II-2022

Junior will debut at home against Patriotas, on the first day of the League II-2022. The rojiblanco team was part this Monday of the draw of the Dimayor, where the complete fixture of the ‘All against all’ phase of the local rented was known.

The rojiblancos, led this time by the Argentine coach Juan Cruz Real, They will be able to release their reinforcements before their people, in a match scheduled for the weekend of January 22 and 23, when the start of the League is stipulated.

“From today (yesterday) we are preparing ourselves in the best way to get to that first game in shape, which is the beginning of a path that we want to be successful. So it will depend on us, on the intensity we put into our day-to-day jobs. We hope that this effort will help us reach a high level on that first date, “said rojiblanco striker Fernando Uribe this Monday, after completing his first working day as rojiblanco.

The calendar draw stipulated that Junior will visit National On the second day, he will face Unión Magdalena, in the historic ‘Clásico Costeño’, on dates 10 and 17 and will close this first phase at home facing Jaguares in the ‘Metro’.



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