Juárez vs Necaxa (2-1): Goals and summary of the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX

Bravos has the firm conviction of not paying the financial fine for the non-relegation, which is why this ‘Grita México’ Closing 2022 began with a beating drum, with a double from the Uruguayan Diego Rolan, the frontiersmen, beat Necaxa 2-1, who despite his magnificent reinforcements (Mago Valdivia, Nicolás Castillo, etc.) could not with the Juárez team. The only goal for the hydrocalids was the work of Alejandro Zendejas.

This victory was very significant for ‘Tuca’, who, despite being in the box of the Juárez board due to a three-game suspension sanction, Ricardo Ferretti led his 1,191 game, which translates to almost 31 uninterrupted years as a Mexican soccer strategist. In addition, the Brazilian achieved his 500 victory in the Liga Mx.

On the second day of this contest, the frontiersmen will visit Cruz Azul, while the hydrocalids will receive Rayados de Monterrey.

Very Braves!

Juarenses fans shook off the icy cold of the border with the shout of goal!

At the minute of the opening whistle of Luis Enrique Santander, the Uruguayan forward of Bravos Diego Rolan shook the Necaxa nets. Gabriel Fernández made a magnificent off-hook down the left wing and upon reaching the hydrocalides area He took a late pass for his compatriot, who with the door open only pushed the ball to make his first score in the Mexican League.

After the score, the frontiersmen did not lower their arms and continued looking for the second goal of the match. Yoshimar Acosta removed the hydro-warm mark and when he reached the boundaries of the area he took a shot that passed over the Luis Malagón goal.

Necaxa tried to ‘wake up’, but Hugo González avoided the equalizer of the visitors. Jesús Escoboza took a direct free kick that seemed to be embedded in the framework of the team led by ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, but González sent a corner kick with his nails.

The hydrocalids began to have more confidence and touched the local goal again and again, but the defense of the Juarenses stoically withstood the visitors’ attacks. The first half ended with the smell of a draw.

Like lightning!

The start of the complement generated tremendous courage in ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, who from the board of directors’ box shouted and enraged, because the minute after the match restarted, Alejandro Zendejas caught the border defense asleep to launch a ‘popcorn’ and sent the ball to the bottom of Hugo González’s frame, who managed to touch the ball, but not with enough force to avoid the equalizer.

Before the tie, Necaxa tried to be the owner of the ball, but a lack of concentration made them see themselves again down on the scoreboard, just three minutes from Zendejas’s score.

Luis Malagón cut off a clear goal opportunity, so Santander did not hesitate to score a penalty in favor of Bravos and admonishing the goalkeeper, a situation that unleashed the fury of the hydrocalid goalkeeper, who insulted the referee, who sent him off immediately.

The red card forced the entry of Edgar Hernández, who in what was warming up and claiming the Nazarene lost eight minutes. Once inside the area, Diego Rolan prepared to collect the maximum penalty. The Uruguayan took a powerful shot that managed to deflect the newly entered, but the ball crashed into the post, which is why the rebound was left to Rolan, who finished to send the round to the bottom of the frame and thus score his first double in Mexico.

Minutes before the match ended, the Juarenses were about to score the third goal of the match, but Edgar Hernández saved the hydrocalids in a spectacular way.

With the final whistle of Luis Enrique Santander, Bravos got their first victory and the 500th victory in the ‘Tuca’ Ferretti race, a wonderful night on the border.





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