Jane Abel’s confession about Bambang Pamungkas, being supported by Rp. 2 million a month and rarely working with her page all

JAKARTA, – Bambang Pamungkas’ son from his first wife, Jane Abel, fulfills the summons of the Polda Metro Jaya to be examined as a witness, Monday (3/1/2022).

Abel became a witness for Amalia Fujiawati’s report regarding the alleged child neglect case by Bambang Pamungkas.

Jane Abel came accompanied by Amalia Fujiawati and her attorney, Wati Trisnawati.

The following is a summary of Jane Abel’s statements after undergoing the examination.

Asked 10 questions

During the examination, Jane Abel admitted that she was asked 10 questions by the police investigation team.

“There are about 10 questions. About father and mother,” said Abel.

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Jane Abel also supports Amalia Fujiawati to report her father so that the future of her younger siblings can be clearer.

Supported IDR 2 million per month

Jane Abel revealed that she herself earns Rp. 2 million per month from Bambang Pamungkas.

The money includes transportation, school fees, and boarding houses.

However, Abel has no longer received this financial assistance since March 2021.

“From the end of March, I gave it twice, the beginning of the month and the end of the month, the end of March is already 2021,” said Jane Abel.

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Father’s love

In addition to complaining about living, Jane Abel also revealed the biggest impact of losing a father figure.

Since childhood, Jane Abel said, she was used to living without her father’s love.

He also rarely met Bambang Pamungkas because he was restricted.

“I mean, dad only gives me financial support and when I meet you almost every two years, once a year, that’s all,” said Jane Abel.

Therefore, Jane Abel hopes that this report from her surrogate mother can change her life and that of her younger siblings.

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