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Iván Arboleda will play at Newell’s, without making his debut at Rayo Vallecano

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In September 2021, the signing of Iván Arboleda by Rayo Vallecano was confirmed. The Colombian arrived free after passing through Banfield and In four months he was unable to debut, he was on the substitute bench 9 times (7 per league and 2 for Copa del Rey). His contract with the Vallecas team expires at the end of this year and for now he will play on loan at Newell’s in Argentina, the club’s coach confirmed it on radio LT8 am830 in Rosario.

“From what they just told me, the Arboleda thing is almost closed, there is complete agreement by all parties. Lampe was not on the radar”, Coach Javier Sanguinetti said on Rosario radio about the Colombian who will be the goalkeeper for leprosy for a year with the option of the Spanish team asking for it after six months. His contract with Rayo expires at the end of 2022 and the agreement reached by both teams would be a loan.

Arboleda came as a free player to Rayo Vallecano last September, in the competition with Luca Zidane and Stole Dimitrievski, the Colombian was always at a disadvantage because for Iraola in second place behind the Macedonian is Zidane’s son. Ivan’s presence in Europe was short-lived and now he will return to Argentina where he was the protagonist with Banfield.

What’s more, He would not be the only Colombian on the Argentine payroll, as the leadership also wants Junior’s central defender, Willer Ditta, who would not be taken into account by Juan Cruz Real and that is why he would have his first experience in international football.

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