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Innerhofer is ahead of Wengen, then unleashed Swiss and Feuz .. from fear. Try quiet for Paris

by archysport

The first of the two trainings (without Kriechmayr) sees “Inner” very fast until the last intermediate, and then concedes a few tenths to Rogentin and the “master” of Lauberhorn, immediately behind him. Far Casse and Marsaglia (but with a serious mistake), Buzzi’s return is ok.

A test in some ways indicative, given that many things have been seen, even if as usual many big names have only pushed at times.

The long appointment in Wengen has begun, which will culminate with the three speed races scheduled from Thursday (super-g recovery in Bormio) to Saturday, before the slalom on Sunday, with a downhill training that sees Christof Innerhofer sign the best time trial on the track where he triumphed in 2013 (his penultimate pearl in the World Cup).

It made the difference at the top “Inner”, which put down a solid performance also along the entire Lauberhorn, except for the final stretch where it conceded 6 tenths to Stefan Rogentin and Beat Feuz, who finished just at 7 and 14 hundredths and, if we think that the four-time winner of the downhill cup practically never pushes in practice, it is clear that the real favorite already for the first downhill on Friday will be him, who has already triumphed 3 times in Wengen.

Matthias Mayer closes fourth at 74 cents, 5 better than Romed Baumann, then under the second from the blue we find only Ryan Cochran-Siegle, with Max Franz 7th at 1 ”04.

Controlled training in the first part for Dominik Paris, already over 1 “20 behind Inner, but good in the critical section for the winner of Bormio, or the” Kernen S “, to then close just outside the top ten, at 1” 52 from his team mate, just behind Kilde and an excellent Janka, to the umpteenth return after troubles in his back and very fast (2nd time with a margin on his pursuers) up to thirty seconds from the finish.

Vincent Kriechmayr did not start (it will later be discovered that he tested positive at Covid), even Marco Odermatt did not push, closing beyond the 40th position at almost 5 seconds.

The other blues: Mattia Casse is 24th at 3 ”04, Guglielmo Bosca 30th at 3” 35, just a cent ahead of Lele Buzzi, who returns well after the stop following the fall in Val Gardena. Matteo Marsaglia misses at the Hundschopf, but otherwise he is very fast even if he finished 37th at 3 ”61. Last three positions in the standings, beyond the 50th place, for Tonetti (5 “87), Franzoni (6” 20) and Zazzi, who practically stops and finishes at over 14 seconds.

Wednesday, again at 12.30, the second and last test.


1° Christof Innerhofer in 2’30”84

2 ° Stefan Rogentin + 0 ”07

3° Beat Feuz + 0”14

4th Matthias Mayer + 0 ”74

5 ° Romed Baumann + 0 ”79

6° Ryan Cochran-Siegle + 0”83

7° Max Franz + 1”04

8 ° Niels Hintermann + 1 ”32

9 ° Carlo Janka + 1 ”41

10 ° Alexander Aamodt Source + 1 ”43

11 ° Dominik Paris + 1 ”52

24th Mattia Casse + 3 “04

30 ° Guglielmo Bosca + 3 ”35

31st Emanuele Buzzi + 3 ”36

37th Matteo Marsaglia + 3 “61

53 ° Riccardo Tonetti + 5 ”87

54th Giovanni Franzoni + 6 “20

55th Pietro Zazzi + 14 ”17

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