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Independiente Santa Fe Liga BetPlay 2022 Martín Cardetti on work in preseason | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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Santa Fe woke him up early to 2022, from the month of December. Martín Cardetti arrived with a clear idea, after the great work done with Bogotá in the Tournament. The cardinal team’s commitment to his project is total, as has been seen with the achievement of reinforcements, with several surprises and outstanding talents.

The Argentine strategist spoke with FUTBOLRED, about what the work has been at the start of the year, the preseason, the arrival of reinforcements, including Coniglio, who arrives without great scrolls and the departure of Alexander Mejía.

I work in preseason 2022: Well, I think the team, the boys and generally well. Conforming with what we were able to do and with expectations for what is to come. We are already working on the physical part, we are doing everything with ball work, but physical and everything hand in hand. This week and what comes, everything is more tactical, to continue shaping the idea that we have.

Coupling of reinforcements in the squad and the idea of ​​the game: It is clear that there are players who arrived later than others. The integration is being good and I hope everyone is ready to play. Engaged at work.

Reinforcements and market closure for Santa Fe: I can’t tell you, always in Santa Fe they are offering or asking us for players. We will wait until the last minute to see what happens. We are not looking for anything, but there is always a request for players and we will wait at the last minute to define if there are any that come or go.

Arrival of Wilson Morelo to the campus: very good, he’s a great professional. He is doing well from the physical, he is playing football, I hope and I think he will arrive in the best way for the first games.

Bet on Fernando Coniglio, despite his low numbers in front of goal: I have a lot of faith in him, he is a player who can give us a lot. Serve in pressure, leave everything on the court. It can be like a pivot, it goes very well at the top, it can give us a lot. He is going to have an adaptation because he arrived recently, the issue of height can play a trick on him from the start, we have a lot of faith in him.

Alex Mejía’s departure and attempts to retain him: I wasn’t expecting it, but hey. It was a player’s decision to leave, because he had the offer. As I said, we do not want to have forced players, but rather that they want to be well and fight for the club. The moment arrived, the opportunity and I wanted to take it, we were not going to oppose it if I did not want to be there. I always talk to the players, I ask who wants to stay or not. Obviously he wanted to go to Nacional. I’m not going to try to convince players and I want them to be convinced to stay in a big club that wants to fight everything again.

Santa Fe’s style of play for 2022: we will try to have a protagonist Santa Fe, that is of attack. Let him leave everything in each game. Masomenos is the idea that I try to capture in all the clubs I have been to.

Continuity of direct play embodied in Bogotá, combining with the idea for Santa Fe and an attempt at elaboration game: we are going to try to make a mix. We can play 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2, we will look for tactical variants according to the games, or according to what the players assimilate better. We are analyzing the possible variants. We will keep trying the scheme and the idea of ​​high pressure.

Short and medium term vision with Santa Fe: I try not to think ahead, but on a day-to-day basis, game by game. That things will work out. Obviously I would love to stay a long time, it is a big club and it has given me a very nice opportunity in my career. I hope I can provide all the expectations that they and I have too.

Sergio Cortes
Editorial Futbolred
@ seracoca_95


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