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In the Chevreuse Valley, the verbalization of cyclists has heated the spirits

by archysport

Christian resumed his outings on the roads of the Chevreuse valley, a little the ball in the stomach. Last month, this 59-year-old cyclist from Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines) was fined by the gendarmes on the grounds that he was riding two abreast with his brother-in-law near Boullay-les-Troux (Essonne). The Highway Code, however, stipulates that it was within its rights. “Clearly, the gendarme was zealous and did not appreciate my explaining the law to him,” Christian testified.

To say (and to write) that our account of his mishap has heated the minds of some of our readers is an understatement … On social networks, the pro and anti-bike have gone blow for blow since our publication. Everyone thinks they know a thing or two about the matter, and the comments have rocketed at the speed of a Tour de France peloton launched on the Champs-Élysées.

Tense cohabitation between cars and bicycles

To date, nearly 100,000 people have read the article and almost 350 have commented on it. And the attacks flared. With a lot of bad faith and little empathy. “It is legal to drive two abreast only if no one expresses the intention of overtaking behind,” writes a user baptized Communication78. It is a measure which protects cyclists from returning to single file when another user (in particular on 4 wheels) wants to pass them because it allows to leave more room and therefore at least the 1.50 m necessary to pass in all cyclists are safe… ”

BS936 replied that “depending on road safety, there is a possibility of interpretation”. Promeneur recalls that “in the 1960s and 1970s, it was illegal because it was dangerous. As a kid at school, we had road safety brochures explaining it. Then the law changed. It has become legal to ride two abreast. Yet the risk has remained the same. “

Zizhuite specifies that, “maybe 2 abreast, but certainly not 5 or 6 as we see regularly !!! “, While some hide behind their keyboard and nickname to cross the yellow line anonymously. Like Sarah, who writes that when she sees “a cyclist running a red light, she catches him and wedges him against the sidewalk.” And there, I assure you against my two-ton BMW X3, they are less clever … “

Not sure that Christian and his brother-in-law themselves will be able to get everyone to agree. If the first paid his fine of 22 euros, “so as not to make waves”, the second has decided to contest.

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