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“In four years I will leave the league”

by archysport

Ricky Rubio was experiencing a second youth with the Cleveland Cavaliers, before seriously injuring his knee and suffering an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. An injury that will keep him out of the next European Championships, but that does not affect his character that much.

“My regret lasted for a day. I got injured, what can I do? I have to put things in perspective: let’s remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic ”explained the world champion point guard with Sergio Scariolo’s Spain in 2019.

The play of the Cavs, however, is expiring his contract at the end of the year and the Ohio franchise (which would certainly have kept him if he had been healthy) could think of exchanging his contract at the deadline to seek immediate help in the backcourt. “When I was younger, I took bad market rumors,” explained Rubio. “You felt bad because you gave everything, but then things like those happened in Phoenix or Minnesota happen where they dumped me without even knowing it … But by now I’m used to it: when February arrives, the rumors about Ricky Rubio begin”.

All this uncertainty seems to have a bearing on the Spaniard, who already has it in mind that he does not want to subject his son to the obvious and normal turmoil of an NBA career: “When my son starts elementary school, it will no longer be worthwhile to stay in the NBA. and then I’ll go back to Europe ”he explained. “I don’t want to toss him around when he’s six, the age when you start making friends in school. We have already discussed it with my wife and we have made it very clear: there will come a time when basketball will no longer be the priority ”.


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