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“I’m ready to fight for free and send Paul back to Disneyland” – Boxing – Sportacentrs.com

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“I can fight without money,” says Mairis Briedis in his latest TikTok video. “He can take all the money for a fight, I can fight for free.”

“I want to show Americans and all boxing fans that this is not his place, this is my place. The ring is my place, not his place. I want to show that this is not the right way for him. You have to go back to Disneyland and YouTube.” “Jake Paul was approached by Deer, who ended the video with the words” I know you’re watching this video. “

Of course, a boxer can fight without royalty, if he wants to. Jake Paul hasn’t wanted it so far, and Forbes reports this week that Paul earned about $ 40 million in three battles in 2021, which is at the level of the biggest boxing stars and far above the amounts currently available in the crusher divisions. on the market.

However, the fight between the Deer and the Paul is almost impossible, even in theory, unless it is a model fight that is not officially approved and has special rules. The deer has expressed readiness to put the IBF champion’s belt on the table, but the World Boxing Federation would be hugely criticized for allowing unrivaled Paul to compete in the title race, and it is very unlikely that such a fight would be sanctioned at all due to the different levels of boxers.

A few days ago, Briedis said that he had obtained a new tattoo depicting the name of Jake Paul, which gave the Latvian boxer wide publicity in the world boxing media, although it also caused him to be thoroughly criticized.

Briedis responded to the criticism of promoter Eddie Hern in an interview with IFL TV, defending his actions, while in an interview with “Sports Studio” Briedis pointed out that Paul’s tattoo was created because of Latvia, ie to make Latvia visible in America.

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