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“I’m not grateful to Junior”: Iván René Valenciano

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The former soccer player spoke out against Junior de Barranquilla and made it clear that he has nothing to be grateful for. He noted that the club did not reach out to him on several occasions.

Chatting in El Vbar Caracol, Valenciano expressed his annoyance with those who say that he should be grateful to the Barranquilla team. Despite being the team that saw him born, the Bombardier He insists it was a reciprocal relationship, an exchange of opportunity for athletic performance.

“They criticize me when I talk about Junior. They say Junior gave me everything, and no. They gave me as I gave them, nothing more. The Char family never called me… ”, expressed the scorer. Which also emphasized a specific fact: when in 1999 the rojiblanco cast did not pay their loan and they left him two months without playing.

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“Junior had to pay a loan of twenty-five thousand dollars to Morelia in Mexico, every three months. The Left handed Lopez told the Char family that he didn’t need me and they cut my contract. I had to go two months without playing ”, shot the ex-Medellín, Deportivo Cali, among others.

It should be noted that the one born in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood had three stages (1988-1992), (1993-1996) and 2006 in Junior. He is the leading scorer in the history of The Sharks with 158 points and was champion in 1993 and 1995. On the other hand, you can boast that its colossal level allowed it to be sold twice: once for 4.8M and then for 3.5M. Leaving, in total, more than eight million dollars in Barranquilla’s coffers.


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