“I am more than confident for this week”

It looks different. Speak differently. And it even moves differently. The only thing that does not seem to have changed in Argentine golfer Abel Gallegos, defending champion of the Latin America Amateur Championship (LAAC) It’s her innocent smile. And while displaying it, He affirms that he is “more than confident” for this week, in which he will seek to repeat in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, what he did two years ago (this tournament was suspended in 2021 due to the pandemic) in Mayakoba, Mexico.

“The secret here is going to be on the green. They are quite narrow and high. Who knows how to handle it will fight for the title. I am more than confident in what I can do”, he explains. this Wednesday in the press room of the immense and lavish resort, located in the town of La Romana, which hosts this edition of the LAAC, an event that can be enjoyed live on Star+.

Gallegos has lost 15 kilos in weight since his consecration at the LAAC 2020. The transformation is amazing. “As everyone can see, I’ve changed a lot since Mayakoba (laughs). Having won there made me realize that I was going to be able to dedicate myself to this. That I had to do a comprehensive job, it wasn’t just hitting the ball well,” says the Argentine.

On that occasion he arrived almost like a stranger. The spotlights weren’t on him. Now faces another scenario. He’s the defending champion, he’s been through the experience of playing the Masters and the British Open (the LAAC classifies its winner to those two professional world majors) and everyone sees him as one of the contenders.

“The pressure is always there, being a candidate or not. But once you hit the tee on the first hole, the pressure goes away and you have to start playing golf. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before”, he assures, although he is aware that “it will be difficult for him to hit better than in Mayakoba.”

It’s true. For Gallegos many things have changed since 2020. But there is one that he dreams of repeating: his golf during the four days of the LAAC.



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