Hockey program first control heading to nationals

Editorial / EL VIGA
Mexicali, B. C.

The field hockey talents of Baja California will have their first control this Saturday at the Ciudad Deportiva field, starting at 2:00 p.m., said coach Andrea Burciaga.

With her sights set on the 2022 Conade Nationals, the Baja California strategist pointed out that the control will be carried out in the three categories, Sub 15, Sub 18 and Sub 21, both male and female.

Andrea Burciaga indicated that the idea of ​​doing the control in the afternoon is to give an opportunity for all talents to attend the call of the State Grass Hockey Association.

During the check there will be games between the different categories and branches, with the aim of seeing the progress of each of the players and getting on the way to the 2022 Conade Nationals.

The INDE Sports Talent Development Directorate, led by Roberto Quintero Mrmool, reported that it has postponed the judo concentration, scheduled for this Saturday at the Sports City.


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