Girona flirts with an imagined destiny (0-1)

GIRONAThe last time Girona finished the first round in places of play-off, rose to First. Like this season. The last time he won the first game of the year, he was promoted to the First Division. Like Huesca, in which a goal by Samu Saiz (0-1) gave meaning to the admirable effort of a team that feels that statistics are not a coincidence.

Having such a short staff means that every time there is a big setback, it’s time to make inventions. In Huesca, Míchel invented a Girona without a center forward, prioritizing the accumulation of inner men who sought life in space, rather than the typical point of reference. He also shook the goal with the entry of Ortolá, determined to change the football language of the goalkeepers, which became the first piece of the puzzle to try to generate superiority from behind. The response was good and the mastery, almost absolute.

But the people of Girona came across a wall that cut every passing line. Very few goal opportunities: a couple of strategy actions, a cross shot by Valery and a poor control of Aleix that if it had been good we would have talked about something else. In fact, it was the Aragonese team that created the most danger. With every Catalan loss, a stomach ache. Juan Carlos made the cold pass to Ortolá, agile putting his hand in the corner, and Juanpe took a shot at Pulido.

Samu Saiz and Ortolá, keys to preserve the play-off

Until the misunderstood genius appeared and turned the game upside down. Samu Saiz has very high expectations since his arrival, and he is required because he is known to be able to offer a much higher level than he has taught so far. He has already done well, at this time, but he has lacked a regularity that seems to be finally taking this course. The day Stuani was gone, the day everything was in trouble, the day set for the leaders to show up, appeared. Without thinking, from the front, he straightened the ball to the bottom of the net. From there, immense survival exercise, protecting victory at any cost. Ortolá had his moment of glory against Rico, Pitta and Gaich, and kept Girona very launched and in places of play-off.



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