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Elise Mertens (26, 19)


Vera Zvonareva (91)

Elise Mertens starts her Australian Open against Russian veteran Vera Zvonarjova. A warm-up or solid test or even more? You can follow the progress of the score on this page.

  1. 7 p.m. 07. I have the feeling that the preparation has gone well. I have regained my best level, or at least not far from it. Elise Mertens.
  2. 7 p.m. 04. Thigh injury seems to be over. Elise Mertens recently struggled with a thigh injury. In Sydney she resumed the competition last week. “I’m glad I was able to play there,” she says. “My expectations were not high in Sydney, because I had not been able to train for a few days. I still made it to the second round.” .
  3. 7 p.m. 03. About coach Simon Goffin: “It’s going well”. The Australian Open will be Elise Mertens’ first Grand Slam tournament with Simon Goffin as coach. “I think Simon is doing well as a coach,” said Mertens. “We’re trying to bring more aggressiveness to my game, with a good serve and dynamic footwork.” .
  4. 7 p.m. 02.
  5. 7 p.m. 02. Zvonareva is a player with a lot of experience. I already met her in the autumn of 2020 in Linz. Then I won in 3 sets. She may not be one of the strongest players on the track, but she recovers a lot of balls. Elise Mertens.
  6. 7 p.m. 01.
  7. 18 hours 58. Zvonareva is ex-number 2. Vera Zvonareva is the number 91 in the world at 37, Elise Mertens is currently in 26th place in the WTA ranking. Zvonareva was once the world number 2 and lost two grand slam finals in 2010, at Wimbledon and the US Open (against Kim Clijsters). .
  8. 6:55 p.m. Mertens vs. Zvonareva. Elise Mertens will meet the experienced Russian Vera Zvonareva in the 1st round of the Australian Open. Mertens will play in Melbourne on Tuesday. .


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