Fjellerup, on the exit ramp of the Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma

Without activity on the track due to the positives of coronavirus in the workforce, the movements continue in the offices of the Palmer Mediterranean Soul Palma, who could lose Máximo Fjellerup after the siren songs that come from several leading teams of the LEB Oro. After the departure of Fausto Ruesga, Bautista Lugarini and Yannis Mendy and the incorporation of Elijah Brown, the Ciutat team continues to shape its squad for the second half of the championship and could do it without one of the players on whom the project was to be supported.

Máximo Fjellerup had already rejected different proposals over the last few weeks, but the recently shown interest For some of the clubs with aspirations of the upper part, they can alter the immediate future of the Argentine and therefore of the Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma, who already has first-hand knowledge of his player’s interest.

The club chaired by Guillem Boscana will have to assess the new scenario taking into account that Máximo Fjellerup, 24, arrived on the island as the most important signing of the course and therefore it has been a capital piece on the board of Pau Tomàs and Álex Pérez. Not in vain is he the second player who spends the most minutes on the parquet, the second who scores the most points and with the best valuation and the highest rebounder of the squad.


The poor performance of Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma, which with a balance of one victory and 12 defeats is bottom of the second category of Spanish basketball, converges with the attractive proposals that are on the table of the Argentine, who values ​​the interest it has aroused for important projects. One of the teams that would have moved to join him this January is Marc Gasol’s Girona, which aims to increase its performance after a first round with more shadows than lights.

These days, without the usual dynamics of training sessions and matches -the coronavirus supposed the postponement of the match that was to be played this Sunday in Son Moix against Cáceres-, efforts have been intensified outside the parquet in search of solutions to reverse the dynamics in the that the whole of Ciutat has been installed. After taking the first steps in the departure operation, the arrival of Elijah Brown It has been an incorporation called to make a difference. In any case, the arrival of the American would not be the last considering that the squad has lost a notable number of troops, even if it is players with a somewhat secondary role.

There are still four days left to close the first round and the 17 games of the second, so there is still time to reach permanence once the changes in the squad shake the dynamics of the team. Of course, the margin of error has narrowed and the gap with the salvation zone forces an immediate reaction.




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