First RFEF: Real Union hit it against Extremadura in a box (0-1)

Image of the match between Real Unión and Extremadura / RU

Rivero has missed a maximum penalty on the edge of halftime

Everything seemed ready for the Real Union to add three new points against an Extremadura of circumstances but football does not understand favoritism. Those from Almendralejo, with nine players who until a few days ago belonged to the subsidiary, and who have traveled with only thirteen men, have surprised the Irundarras achieving a triumph that was not included in the betting.

The meeting, as expected, has started with a Real Unión that has monopolized possession and has locked up the visitors in their plot. The first clear chance was going to be signed by Alain Oyarzun, who forcibly finished off a cross from the left by Aitor Seguín. His shot, before the quarter of an hour, did not find the goal.

The control of the ball has been irundarra but it has not translated into clear approaches on the goal of the veteran Casto, who has lived quietly for much of the first half. Barbu, from the edge of the area, tried again in the 21st minute with a shot from the edge that was not going to cause problems for the goalkeeper.

The young members of Manuel Mosquera’s team have been believing it with the passing of the game and have also allowed themselves to disturb Irazustabarrena in the service of a corner or lateral foul. The duel was on the way from 0-0 to halftime when Zulaika’s men had an unbeatable chance to get ahead.

In the 43rd minute, the referee declared a penalty in favor of the frontiersmen for the downing of Peteiro to Sánchez, which the visitors claimed a foul outside the area. Rivero was going to be in charge of executing and marking the maximum penalty. Casto guessed the intentions of the midfielder and kept the 0-0 before going through the changing rooms.

Mazazo after the break

The Real Union has shown another face in the resumption, something more scathing, and has had the possibility of unbalancing the score with two centers from Sánchez that first Seguín, and then Llamas, did not hit correctly. Moments later, Oyarzun forced Casto to show off in the service of a direct free kick.

The local occasions followed one after another in a Stadium Gal that was going to be frozen in the 57th minute. In the service of a lateral free kick, Ndiaye was ready to win the second play and beat Irazustabarrena in a small area.

The Union has taken a while to accept the blow but has returned to the charge with the entry of Núñez and Kun. Barbu and Elosegi put Casto to the test after two corner kicks but the Extremaduran goalkeeper continued to be unstoppable.

The final stretch has been an exercise in nervousness and inaccuracies on the part of a gripped txuribeltz team that did not believe what was happening. There was no siege in the closing stages and the youngsters from Extremadura were able to celebrate an unthinkable triumph at the beginning.



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