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Fire officer disciplined for ‘gap-jil’ who played badminton by wearing fire-proof clothes for subordinates : ZUM News

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Instructions for caring for cabbage, etc. in the vegetable garden near the government building during working hours

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A firefighter in the Incheon area was disciplined for power abuse, such as wearing fire-resistant clothes to subordinates and having them play badminton together. According to the fire department on the 11th, the Incheon Fire Department recently held a disciplinary committee and imposed a two-month salary reduction on the former 119 Special Rescue Team A firefighter for violating the ban on private labor.

Earlier, in September last year, the Office of Government Policy Coordination conducted an investigation into the suspicion of power abuse by Fire Boat A. It is known that the fire department A admitted to some misconduct during the investigation, saying, “I’m sorry (to the staff).” A firefighter was transferred to another department within the Incheon Fire Department.

Last year, he played badminton after having subordinates wear fire suits at the helicopter hangar of the 119 Special Rescue Team in Yeongjong-do, Jung-gu, Incheon. In August of the same year, suspicions of abuse were raised, such as having subordinates take care of a vegetable garden planted with cabbage, peppers, and lettuce near the government building during working hours.

As a result of the inspection, Fire Boat A left the office early and left the place of work or used the budget for other purposes. It was also revealed that he violated the Corona 19 quarantine rules by setting tables outside the office building and having dinner with the staff.

The disciplinary committee judged that Fire Guard A had committed an offense equivalent to one month of suspension, but lowered the level of disciplinary action in consideration of past awards and other factors. Disciplinary measures for fire officials are divided into heavy disciplinary measures such as dismissal, dismissal, demotion, and suspension, and light disciplinary measures such as reduction of wages and reprimands.

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