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Finally, meeting today in the Major Leagues

by archysport

By speaking, people understand each other and it is expected that from today the way will be paved for an understanding in the Big leagues. By this date, the players were preparing to leave for the training camps, but everything is stopped.

It is reported that Major League Baseball and the Players Association of MLB They will hold a negotiation session today Thursday, resuming talks (via Zoom) in an effort to move toward a labor agreement.

Based on my experience, I don’t think there will be much trauma to come to terms with this time around. The baseball it is generating a lot of money, and it is being distributed among the main players.

The first such meeting between the two parties was on December 2. The first proposal of MLB it was rejected by the players’ union.

Key issues?

The lottery of Draft, which would help to discourage losing on purpose in search of a better seed in the Draft amateur, the elimination of the qualified offer system, the universal designated hitter and an increase in the minimum wage for players younger.

As revealed by the portal Lasmayores.com, the Players Association has been seeking higher material gains, including changes in free agency, Super 2 eligibility, and revenue sharing.

Some players of Big leagues high-level has ruled that at this time the baseball. The union will try to get as much as they can, but without compromising next season.


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