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FC Mechelen decides not to play its match at Oud-Heverlee Leuven

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FC Mechelen considers itself to be penalized by the cases of covid within its workforce and to comply with the regulations of the Pro League in terms of health protocol, despite the refusal of the Pro League to postpone the meeting following another interpretation.

“The club, players and staff want to mark the occasion and this decision is approved by the club’s board of directors,” the statement said. A meeting can be postponed if at least seven players, who have at least 30% playing time, or if two core A goalkeepers test positive. Mechelen informs among the positive players for the coronavirus Gaëtan Coucke, its titular goalkeeper, and Maxime Wenssens, its hopeful goalkeeper, who is part of its core A.

The Pro League considers that Wenssens, 21, does not come into play for the rule of two goalkeepers. For Mechelen, age should not be the criterion. “It was suggested to us that we bring in an additional U23 goalkeeper,” explained Frank Lagast, the club’s general manager. “But given the high infection rates, the club obviously doesn’t want to mix untested players with players who have had a negative PCR test or who have received a booster dose. Health comes first. We know we risk now a forfeit loss, but the health of our players comes first.”

FC Mechelen asks the Pro League to review its interpretation and consider an Espoir as a member of Core A.

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