Essone. He chases the burglar down the street and tackles him to the ground with a judo grip

A resident of Juvisy-sur-Orge (Essonne) himself foiled an attempted burglary in his house on Monday January 17, 2022 in the morning. He did not hesitate to pursue the alleged thief and tackle him to the ground using his judo knowledge, report The Parisian.

The man was awakened in the early morning by noise inside his house. Going down to the ground floor, he found himself face to face with a thief who had entered his apartment and was looking for valuables. The suspect immediately fled down the street.

He tackles the thief to the ground

The victim did not hesitate for a second and chased the burglar. After catching up with him in the street, the man tackled him to the ground and overpowered him with a judo hold. Alerted, the police arrived shortly after and arrested the suspect.

The man was carrying the victim’s jacket, his wallet and a camera stolen from his house. He was taken into custody during the day and will be tried soon.



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