Espanyol, without ideas, says goodbye to the Cup in Son Moix (2-1)

When sailing aimlessly you are more likely to end up suffering a hoax. Espanyol, who had already suffered a lot to avoid three shipwrecks against Solares, Palencia Cristo and Ponferradina, were eliminated from the Copa del Rey in Son Moix (2-1), where it took too long to realize that the tie was a one-off.

Vicente Moreno’s team has once again accused him of coming out with an undecided proposal in the first half. Despite accumulating several offensive players, the truth is that Espanyol did not know very well how to attack. The Balearic Islands have allowed Cabrera to be in charge of starting the game with almost always inaccurate long displacements. A resource that has not served Espanyol to stretch and have continuity in the rival field. Darder is back at eleven, but has had to make a living from a position that is too steep, from which it has been quite difficult for him to build plays with a certain criterion.

With the Espanyol compass deactivated, the white-and-blues attacked with thrusts and rolls against a Mallorca that, without having to do much, managed to go to the break with an advantage. The Balearics have had enough to put more intensity with the ball and without, and with a great dose of talent from Take Kubo, who has transformed a great free kick from the front. Espanyol, who claimed offside in the pre-foul play, erred in placing the fence, where they only placed three players.

Aware of the fact that Vicente Moreno had to be taken aback, Vicente Moreno had to leave the pitch due to a knee injury. In came Melendo. The entrance of the little midfielder has changed the face of Espanyol, which has taken a step forward and has achieved prominence with the ball at its feet that it needed. The white-and-blues were able to tie on two good occasions for RDT and Keidi Bare, but it was Mallorca who found the right spot. Abdón, from a header, scored the 2-0 in a corner.

Puado gives hope

Espanyol has successfully responded to the Balearic challenge and has managed to shorten distances just a couple of minutes later. Pedrosa quickly took a free kick and Puado, the smartest in the class, chased the ball alone into the area and crossed it successfully. The validity of the goal seemed clear, but the VAR took up to five minutes to finish it off. A tense wait that has ended up bringing the white-and-blues back to life in an open match until the end.

When he had the opportunity to put fear in Mallorca, however, Espanyol has once again made the same mistakes that had condemned him in the first half. Despite having Morlanes, Darder and Melendo on the pitch, the white-and-blues have once again abused aerial play, a sterile resource that has given them no return. To round off the afternoon, Pedrosa was sent off for dropping his arm and Wu Lei, in the 97th minute, forgave a very clear chance to send the game into extra time. Espanyol did not deserve the victory, saying goodbye to the Cup in the round of 16.




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