Elche blows out the candles in Cornellà-El Prat (1-2)

Espanyol are still determined to complicate their lives against the most modest rivals. After playing with fire against Levante and losing to Vigo, the white-and-blues turned the visit of Elche, a great opportunity to get closer to the European positions, into a real nightmare (1-2) . Vicente Moreno’s team suffered a second defeat at home against a rival who punished two serious defensive errors to get out of the relegation zone. Espanyol, with less urgency, could not against a coach, Francisco Rodríguez, who has the size taken at the RCDE Stadium: in the victories with Almeria and Girona and the tie with Huesca add a win with Elche yesterday.

The last-minute casualties of the two starting goalkeepers, Diego López and Kiko Casilla, led to a confrontation with intrahistory. Ten years and a day after making his debut in Cornellà-El Prat in what was his only match with the first team of Espanyol, Edgar Badia returned to step on a field where he dreamed of a career. His physical condition deprived him of the career as a Spaniard that Joan García now longs for. The goalkeeper of the branch, in which the club has high hopes, did not have his best night in his debut in Primera.

Elche only took six minutes to take advantage of a double shot by Pedrosa and Aleix Vidal to advance on the scoreboard. Milla, alone, culminated in a Morente cross on the second post. Ten minutes later, Joan García did not calculate a start well and Milla, without any opposition, doubled the lead with a header. A rookie mistake that will surely help you grow. Sallent’s daring and sharp-witted goalkeeper has no shortage of conditions, but he still needs experience in the elite to learn to read the game and play such plays. Making a mistake is part of the process.

The truth is, however, that Espanyol paid dearly for the two gifts he gave Elche on his 99th birthday. Francisco Rodríguez’s men had come out with clear ideas and sharp teeth in Cornellà-El Prat, where they were only worth the victory to close the day off the descent. Those of Vicente Moreno, in tow, took a long time to react because for most of the first half they sinned of precipitation in each of their attacks.

From Tomas Dona Vida

Espanyol only found lucidity just before the break, when Keidi Bare invented a play that could have been signed by Romário himself, a cow’s tail with a cassock included that served to provoke a penalty. De Tomás did not fail from eleven meters and gave life to the white-and-blues the last action of the first half.

Espanyol tried to take advantage of the inertia of the goal at the beginning of the second half, where they put one more gear and, for a few moments, it seemed that they had found the key to unravel the game. But the truth is that the push did not last long for the Spanish team. Elche soon cooled the spirits of Vicente Moreno, who returned to his nerves, haste and haste. If in the first half the Spaniards missed the experience of Diego Lopez under sticks, in the second who missed more was Darder. Without his helm, Espanyol did not find the way to disturb an Elche who lived too quietly, also in a second half in which he only suffered in some shots of lack of RdT that did not pass the fence. When firm dominance was needed, Espanyol was again too flat a team, lacking ideas and unable to dominate a rival like Elche. There was no success on the pitch or on the bench, on the first night that the Spanish feud hosted this 2022.




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