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Dwyane Wade and his prophecy about Michael Jordan as GOAT of the NBA

by archysport

The debate about who is the GOAT of the NBA is a topic that seems never to end, for many it is Michael Jordan, others point to Kobe, the youngest point to LeBron James or Stephen Curry and the old guard does not forget Kareem, but Dwyane Wade has a point of view that will undoubtedly generate controversy.

They will forget Jordan

The Miami Heat legend dared to give a point of view on this issue, some will agree with what he thinks and others, the most recalcitrant followers of Chicago number 23, will surely not like his words. Wade was a guest on the podcast “Armchair Expert” and there he spoke about this situation, noting that the question of choosing the greatest of all time is something generational, so, in a few years, the name of Michael Jordan will remain in the history and noted that in his generation the issue is clear:

“We are not going to be the ones to have a conversation about the GOATs. Now it will be a younger and younger generation and they will forget Jordan like we forget Kareem. “

DWade continued with the generational theme and highlighted what the new stars of the NBA are doing, who little by little are also creating their own history. He accepts that it will be difficult to leave behind what Jordan’s name means both on and off the court, but he is convinced that the youngsters are ready to leave behind numbers that were believed impossible to overcome.


“Today I see the players and I think it was good, but… they are much better than me. The game continues to evolve, so we’ll continue to see things we’ve never seen before. And the viewers will get younger and younger »

So, do you think that in the future the name of Michael Jordan will be left out of the debates as the best in history? Will we see LeBron James face another new star for that title? Time will tell us, what is clear is that sometimes it is not only about records and numbers, to be recognized as the GOAT you need a little more than that …


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