Doha Taha Beydoun against prejudice

SShe is only 20. Married. Four months pregnant. Muslim woman and boxing trainer. Her parents immigrated to Germany from Lebanon when she was a baby. Doha Taha Beydoun seems “strange” to some because their nationality, religion and sport do not go together. Others see her as a role model, as she herself says. “I fight against all prejudices,” she also says. The young woman is self-confident.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Taha Beydoun has been training as a boxer herself for five years. Already during her school days she was active in sports, but reserved. “I wasn’t very self-confident, I was very shy, and I never dared say anything at school,” she says. It was therefore important to her to only be among girls when doing sports so that she could feel more open and relaxed. With these prerequisites, she researched the Internet and came across the Berlin association Boxgirls.

Boxgirls was founded in 2005 and had set itself the goal of supporting girls and women to act independently and courageously in their neighborhoods and communities. The aim is to create places of equal opportunities and inclusion. The club offers regular boxing training for this – a sport that is still very much dominated by men. The trainers also go to schools, give workshops and are involved in various projects.

Taha Beydoun has also been working as a boxing trainer for three years, both with the boxing girls and with the Seitenwechsel club. Seitenwechsel is a sports club for women of different sexual orientations, trans or intersex people. Here she trains women from around 25 and is therefore the youngest. The focus of boxing girls, on the other hand, is on the girls’ youth sector. This mixture is a particular challenge when it is in the hall around four times a week.




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