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Novak Djokovic has retired in Belgrade. A close friend reports how the tennis superstar is doing now.

Ex-pro Flavia Pennetta and Djokovic are close friends. Pennetta’s husband Fabio Fognini is also considered one of the Serb’s best friends on the ATP tour. The Italian gives insights into the emotional life of “Djoker”.

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Djokovic has to go to the sponsor report

Pennetta says in Corriere della Serra: “He shouldn’t have challenged Australia with its restrictive entry rules.”

After his deportation from Australia, Djokovic went into hiding in Belgrade, the ex-tennis player knows why: “I see him deeply affected as a man. It must have been an unspeakable suffering for him to be pilloried. Nole is a strong being, but also very sensitive.”

The Italian sees the fact that Djokovic does not get vaccinated as a problem. After all, it seems that he shouldn’t compete at the French Open and Wimbledon either: “Unvaccinated, his life will be hell.”

Pennetta emphasizes the character of the Serb: “Nole has always been different in all his decisions, from food to friendships, he has always made very personal decisions, supported by his wife Jelena.”

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