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Djokovic admits his mistakes | The Basque newspaper

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The Serbian confesses to having granted a face-to-face interview even though he knew he had covid

After several days of uncertainty, the first explanations from Novak Djokovic arrived. The Serbian admitted the errors in his arrival documents in Australia, although he blamed his agent, and acknowledged that he attended an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe despite knowing that he was infected with the covid. Djokovic responded in this way to several of the unknowns that have been presented to him in recent days and that the Australian Government is studying to revoke his visa again.

In a post on Instagram, Djokovic called what has been published these days “misinformation” and said that he attended a basketball game on December 14, in which there were several positive cases. Despite having no symptoms, she decided to take an antigen test that was negative on December 16, as well as a PCR the same day. This is consistent with the documents you submitted for the grant of your medical exemption.

The next day, the 17th, Djokovic was present at an act of the Serbian tennis federation in Belgrade, surrounded by children, in which he did not use a mask or social distance. «I took an antigen test before I went and I tested negative. I didn’t have the PCR result yet. I was fine and without symptoms. This, however, does not agree with the data from the laboratory that did the PCR, which had the results ready just a few hours after undergoing the test.

“The next day, December 18, I had an interview at my tennis center in Belgrade. I canceled the rest of the commitments that I had less this interview. I felt obliged to do it because I did not want to look bad with the journalist, but I kept my social distance at all times and only took off my mask for the photo shoot, “said Djokovic. The journalist who did the interview, Franck Ramella, has confirmed this, although he has assured that he did not know anything about Djokovic’s positive or his vaccination status, since they asked him not to ask about it.

“When I returned home, to isolate myself, I realized that this was a miscalculation and should have changed the date of the interview,” added the tennis player.

According to Serbian law, by the time Djokovic tested positive, he should have been isolated for fourteen days, something that he failed to comply with and that could have legal consequences for him for endangering public health.

At the same time, Djokovic also confessed that the problems in his entry documentation to Australia, in which he said he had not traveled in the last fourteen days, despite having moved from Belgrade to Marbella, was filled out by his agent. “I apologize for making this mistake, it was human and not a deliberate act at all. We are living in a pandemic and these things can happen, “he added.

Djokovic is enjoying his third day of freedom in Melbourne, as Australian authorities continue to gather evidence to attempt his deportation. The immigration minister, Alex Hawke, is the key to this and who has to decide. He has the personal right to cancel the visa of the world’s number one, despite the fact that he won the trial last Monday. However, his decision has been delayed for three days, waiting for him to gather enough arguments in favor so that the deportation is not considered unjust by the public opinion.


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