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Del Potro bankrupt: must pay off his father’s bad investments and gambling debts

by archysport

In February, Juan Martín Del Potro hopes to return to the circuit at the ATP 250 in Argentina, which will be held in Buenos Aires. That would be, for now, the only good news for the Torre de Tandil at the beginning of the year.

He is bankrupt, he owes approximately $ 30 million, and his situation is delicate. According to a special report from América TV, his father, who passed away last year, squandered all his money and lost, leaving huge debts.

Daniel Del Potro was in charge of the tennis contracts, and with the money at his disposal, he wasted it with investments that did not prosper. These include renting fields to grow soybeans, buying houses and problems with gambling.

Florencia de la V, a member of the program that issued the information, assured that “the greatest debt was owed to a cereal company and he is paying it.” He would only have $ 3 million of his entire fortune left.

“When his father died, debtors came to knock on the door because his father did not know how to handle the business,” said Florencia de la V, adding: “He had the biggest debt with a cereal factory and he is paying it.”

The tennis player is recovering from a new operation that left him erased from the circuit. In that context, he lost his father. When he died, he said goodbye to him like this: “You left us here with a broken heart, but we know that you are resting in peace as you deserve. Now you got together with your other angel, and I ask them to please take care of us and guide Mama, my sister and me from heaven. “


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