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Cynthia Rubio, Inspired for 2022

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After winning a bronze medal in the National Tomoyoshi Yamaguchi and one of the 18 metals that judo delivered in the last edition of the Conade National Games, Cynthia Rubio from Hidalgo said she was inspired for this year.

Also winner of the recent Sports Merit Award, which bears the name of her sensei, Arturo Flores Pérez, who disappeared due to complications from Covid-19, she indicated that the award gives her one more push, with a view to future competitions.

“It hurts to know that the teacher is not there, but whether or not he is with us, I want him to feel proud of me. The award means a lot to me, because I’ve been in judo for 11 years and I didn’t expect to go that far, “he declared.

In addition, he explained that his inspiration also comes from the companions with whom he shares a tatami, since being next to the medalist in Lima 2019, Luz María Olvera, and the winner of the medal in Cali 2021, Paulina Garnica, is a source of pride. .

“It is very nice to know that I have great judocas by my side, because they are idols for me, and one day I would like to be on the same level as the two of them,” he said.

However, 2022 also represents a change of category, since it will go from Sub 15 to Sub 18; however, he has a clear goal of making the jump unnoticeable.

Therefore, his ambitions are clear: to stay at -40 kilograms, get a place in the Conade National Games and, once there, look for a place to be on the podium again.

Luis Carlos Leon I Pachuca

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