Cowboys admit they are looking to replace a starter


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

the owner of the Dallas Cowboys He doesn’t sound like a person who trusts the team’s starting kicker before the playoffs start. Jones admitted that Zuerlein’s failures will impact the team’s game plan in the postseason.

“Of course we do and we’re very aware of that, and we should be. It’s part of being in charge,” Jones explained during a January 11 interview on 105.3 The Fan. “But Zuerlein brings a lot, the strength in his leg, the touchbacks, and his accuracy from long range. It’s all there.

“This year has been very tough for him, he has missed a lot of extra points, but he is a good kicker with experience, and our players know how to approach a game.”

Jones admits that the Cowboys are evaluating the possibility of replacing their kicker

For those hoping the Cowboys add another kicker for the postseason, Jones said it’s not that easy. Jones admitted the Cowboys looked at adding another kicker but couldn’t find a viable replacement.

“You can rest assured that that was the first thing we tried to do, and if there was a better option, we would have taken it by now,” Jones responded when asked about adding another kicker. “Everything is at stake.”

Jones’s comments came just a week after the Cowboys owner told Zuerlein his place on the team was in jeopardy ahead of the season finale against the Eagles.

“I think consistency is the most important thing for a kicker, consistency, not missing consistently,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan on January 3, in a review for Zuerlein. “Is that”.

McCarthy on Zuerlein: ´He will be ready to play next Sunday

Jones’ comments strike a very different tone than Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, who also commented on Zuerlein. At least in public, McCarthy doesn’t seem to have a problem trusting Zuerlein in critical situations.

“Greg is a professional in every way”, McCarthy told reporters the 10th of January. “Today he was here. He has a very careful work scheme that he carries out, and care must be taken that he does not overwork. I have a lot of confidence in him, and he will be ready for Sunday.”

Cowboys special teams coach thinks Zuerlein is dealing with mental issues when he’s kicking

Special teams coordinator John Fassel has been supportive of Zuerlein during his struggles this season. Fassel also coached Zuerlein with the Rams and believes the kicker is dealing with mental issues during his kicks. This isn’t very encouraging for Cowboys fans with the postseason just days away.

“I think we are at a point where he already knows that he has to adjust what he has already been practicing,” Fassel remarked during his press conference on January 11. “But I think at this point, after 17 games, even though he missed all of preseason, it’s just a psychological thing, and there’s something we can do to help him a little bit with everything.

“But I think the most important thing is to trust that he is going to convert all his kicks.”

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