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Complicated market for Barça

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The FC Barcelona faces the second tranche of the winter market with the feeling that it is difficult for it to be able to close more operations, once the signings of Dani Alves Y Ferran Torres, the transfer of Philippe Coutinho and the renewal of Samuel Umtiti. The remaining stretch of the January market seems to be complex and long, so it is not ruled out that on the 31st the Barça entity is still trying to close some business.

One of the keys to this market is the renewal of Ousmane Dembele. The club is getting tired of waiting for its response to the renewal offer made by the entity at the last summit held by the parties at the end of December. It was that meeting where Moussa Sissoko, his agent, demanded that his player renew economic conditions that the Barça not willing to take on. The club made it clear to the representative that they were not going to pay him what he was asking for and that what he had to do was study the culé offer with Dembele and give an answer, positive or negative, as soon as possible.

The club has gotten tired of waiting for Dembélé’s response through his agent and the club is considering putting him on the market now, although they see it as difficult for him to come out

However, the days go by and the different terms of the Barça a Dembele they are transferred. A ‘yes’ from Ousmane It would mean, apart from his contract extension, the ideal spring to generate more ‘fair play’ to incorporate, for example, a striker. TO Xavi Hernández likes Morata, loaned in the Juventus for him Atletico Madrid. But from the club they do not see this operation clearly, much less facing a transfer for a 29-year-old player.

In fact, in the entity, what they are clear about is that they have to generate salary fair play if they want to face any more incorporation, be it that of a ‘nine’ or even a defender, given the injury of Eric Garcia and the scant confidence that there is, despite his contract extension, in Samuel umtiti.

Barça does not want the urgencies of registering Ferran Torres to be repeated without having salary space

Precisely what it should do Barça to be able to aspire to the arrival of some other reinforcement is to generate salary mass. And in the club there is a lot of prevention because it has gone wrong to register Ferran Torres, who was signed as early as December but couldn’t be signed up until January 11 because there wasn’t enough cap space. The managers of Barça they do not want to experience another similar situation, with the aggravating circumstance that now the countdown would already lead to a closing of the market in which, if you do not achieve that margin, you will keep the player you have brought without being able to register him for the second part of the season .

To generate that gap at the salary level, the best thing would be the renewal of Dembele because it would space its token and its redemption would leave space in the 1-2 mode according to the parameters of LaLiga (for every two million freed, one can be used for signing). If the Frenchman does not respond shortly, the club is considering putting him directly on the market, even knowing that it will be very difficult for the player to accept a transfer now, when on July 1 he would be free and all the transfer bonus would be for him. Of course, the club believes that it could use some mechanism to try to convince him that it would be best to leave, although leaving him in the stands if he does not renew was ruled out Xavi Recently.

Another option to generate ‘fair play’ would be to renew Sergi Roberto, whose record is also high and lowering it in this exercise would give oxygen. A transfer could also help. Dest, for example, does not count for Xavi and generates interest in some English clubs, but it is also true that he charges little and more than 15 million remains to be amortized from his signing. Another who has suitors is Neto, who wants to leave, but he needs to pay a good transfer for him. In both cases, LaLiga would apply parameter 1-4. In any case, in the Barça they are prudent and want to apply the motto “before you enter, let out”. And for now, the exits look complicated.

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