Chris Evert, winner of 18 Grand Slams, announces that he has cancer

the former Chris Evert, eighteen times champion of Grand Slam, reported this Friday that he was diagnosed ovarian cancer and said he decided to share the news in hopes of helping others.

“I wanted to share my diagnosis of ovarian cancer in stage 1, as a way to help others,” wrote Evert in a statement posted on Twitter.

“I feel very lucky that caught it early and I expect positive results from my plan chemotherapy.

Thanks to all of you for respecting my need to focus on my health and treatment plan. You’ll see me appear from home on occasion during ESPN’s coverage of the Australian Open.”

Evert, 67, expanded on his diagnosis in an article posted on the ESPN website that noted that, in many cases, the ovarian cancer it is not detected until it is at a later and less treatable stage.

the younger sister of Evert, Jeanne Evert Dubin, died of the same disease in February 2020 at the age of 62.

In October, Evert discovered through enhanced genetic testing that she, too, was at risk and his cancer was diagnosed in december after undergoing a preventive hysterectomy, according to her article on ESPN.

He began the first of six planned rounds of chemotherapy and no cancer detected anywhere else on your body.

I’ve lived a very enchanted life“, he pointed Evert. “Now I have some challenges ahead of me. But I take comfort in knowing that the chemotherapy is to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back.”

Evert was a dominant figure in women’s tennis in the 1970s, won 157 WTA singles titles and reached at least the semi-finals in 52 of the 56 tournaments in Grand Slam in which he participated.

His two handed backhand and her ruthless precision from the baseline influenced generations of players.

His rivalry with Martina Navratilova, which runs from 1973 to 1988 and includes 14 matchups in finals of Grand Slam, is one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

since he retired, Evert She has worked as a television commentator and has also mentored talented young players navigating the early stages of their careers in the WTA.




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