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Chris Ballard: We need stability at quarterback

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The Indianapolis Colts ended the 2021 campaign with a embarrassing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that knocked them out of the playoffs. Chris Ballard, general manager of the team, gave a press conference and explained the status of the team.

I’m not going to sit here and make excuses as to why we got our butts kicked in Jacksonville.Because that’s what happened, we got kicked in the ass. Those things happen ”, sentenced Ballard.

Indianapolis was limited to 233 total yards by Jacksonville and quarterback Carson Wentz was sacked six times. Additionally, three of his nine offenses ended in turnover on downs, one in fumble and one in interception.

“I know the loss to Jacksonville was painful, but we had other opportunities during the season and we didn’t make it. We finished 2-5 in games of seven points or less.

The Colts lost to the Chargers in Week 2 by three points, against the Ravens in Week 5 for six, against the Titans in Week 8 for three, against the Buccaneers in the Week 12 times seven and against Raiders in Week 17 by three points. His wins came against the Jaguars by six in Week 10 and the Cardinals in Week 16.

In addition, Ballard made it clear that what the team has achieved during his tenure is not enough. In five seasons as general manager, the Colts are 41-40 in the regular season and 1-2 in the playoffs.

We’ve made the playoffs twice in the last four yearsWe’ve only won one playoff game and we haven’t won our division. It’s not enough, ”explained Ballard.

Stability in QB’s position

Ballard also stated the importance of keeping his top players on the team in order to build on what they accomplished in 2021. The general manager made an exception for Wentz. Indianapolis’ passing offense finished 26th, generating 197.7 yards per game..

I will not comment on who will be here and who will not next year. It’s not fair. I think Carson (Wentz) did some things well and there are some that he should do much better.. You know, our passing game must improve ”, declared the general manager.

Wentz was acquired by the Colts through a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles before the start of the 2021 season in exchange for a third-round selection from the last recruiting process and a conditional, first or second, for the 2022 Draft.

We need stability in the quarterback position. And that position must play to the level of its potential to help this team win. I’m not blaming Carson, okay? Because it is important that everyone does their part, however, we must be consistent about it, ”clarified Ballard.

The quarterback was depleted by ankle injuries since the beginning of the campaign and despite this he was able to play all 17 regular season games. The North Dakota State product accumulated 3,563 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions after completing 62.4 percent of his throws.

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