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CAN 2022: “Where is the public? “

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Claw from the former Indomitable Lion: after having fought to free the players evolving in the big European clubs, one can wonder what it was for if it was to see Sadio Mané evolve in front of a few hundred people or Mahrez to Douala in front of twenty-five people. The public must understand that if it is like that, what good is it to organize these matches in beautiful and big stadiums. Fortunately, Garoua led by example.

The first surprise of the CAN came from Algeria, held in check by Sierra Leone for its entry into the competition. The Fennecs paid for an excess of confidence born of their long series of invincibility and the supposed weakness of their opponent, but also of a lack of realism. They also came up against an astonishing goalkeeper, Mohamed Kamara, whom no one imagined so efficient. A guardian with great confidence in his means.

Another lesson of the day on Tuesday, the presence of a very good Nigeria which behaved in great Africa. Super Eagles very sure of themselves and who sought to impose their superiority against Egypt without calculating. Egyptians who certainly have Mohamed Salah, but not the one who walks on water in Liverpool. A Salah well planted on the ground, to the point that one can wonder where Egypt is going.

Among the last teams to enter the running on Wednesday, Tunisians and Malians will offer a high-level show, a shock that will allow the level of group F to be assessed very quickly.


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