Boca waits for Ángel Romero to close his first incorporation

Boca could soon close its first reinforcement for next season. Xeneize, which is preparing to face the triple competition in 2022, awaits Ángel Romero, former San Lorenzo striker.

The Paraguayan forward promised to give Boca an answer in the next week. So far, it is the only formal proposal it has, something that can play in favor of the Ribera club.

Romero’s priority is to be with the Paraguayan team in the next double round of Qualifiers, which will be played on January 27 and 28 and February 1. To play, you must have a signed contract with an institution before January 12. In turn, for it to be transferred to the national team, the institution where it plays has to be notified 15 days in advance.

In recent weeks, it turned out that Fenerbahce of Turkey had Ángel Romero in their files. However, they never advanced. The only formal proposal that the Paraguayan forward received, so far, was from Xeneize.




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