Béziers: an alleged drug trafficker imprisoned until his trial

The 40-year-old from Béziers was carrying cocaine (©Adobe Stock)

Last Wednesday January 12, during a road check following excessive speed on a local road, police officers from the anti-crime brigade -Bac- du Béziers Public Security Police Station noticed the presence of a baseball bat under the passenger seat of the passenger compartment vehicle, which also gave off a strong smell of cannabis. Metropolitan revealed this case, confirmed on Monday by the public prosecutor of Béziers, Raphaël Balland.

“Investigators from the anti-narcotics unit at the Béziers police station took over and searched the vehicle, leading to the discovery of1 kilogram of cannabis resin and 66 grams of cocaine. The driver, a 47-year-old man residing in Béziers, was also in possession of 1,610 euros. The search of his home led to the discovery of 12,750 euros in cash as well as an additional 205.5 grams of cocaine, ”explains the prosecutor.

Bank seizure

Placed in police custody, the alleged trafficker denied engaging in any resale himself, claiming to hold the narcotics and the money for the benefit of a person he said he only knew by his nickname, in return for his personal consumption. . Furthermore, he declared himself an unemployment benefit. However, bank investigations revealed more than €11,000 in his account; the Béziers public prosecutor’s office therefore ordered the seizure of €10,800.

Unknown to justice

Friday, after his jail, the public prosecutor’s office in Béziers decided to have him brought before the judge of freedoms and detention -JLD- who ordered his placement in pre-trial detention, until his trial in immediate appearance before the criminal court which will be held this Wednesday, January 19, of the counts of transport, possession, offer or transfer and illicit use of narcotics. Unknown until now to justice, he faces the maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

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