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Best player according to MLB Network: Shohei Ohtani dethrones Mike Trout

by archysport

The question often arises: who is the best player in major league baseball? As a ball fan, you’ve probably been asked for your opinion on the matter.

For several years, the answer was simple: Mike Trout. For the past four years, he was the pick of MLB Network, at least.

This year, the answer to the question is still an Angels player, but not Trout. We are therefore talking about Shohei Ohtani as the best player in baseball for the 2022 season.

Mike Trout is fourth, behind Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is fifth in the standings, ahead of Ronald Acuna Jr., Bryce Harper, Jacob deGrom, Trea Turner and Jose Ramirez. Are you surprised to see Turner and Ramirez in the top-10?

Trout’s injury in 2021 did not help him defend his title, we agree, but Ohtani deserves the crown, we will tell each other.

It was seeing Soto and Tatis Jr. in front of the Angels outfielder that surprised me a bit more, but not the Blue Jays’ first goal. We agree that they all form the top-5, but I expected to see Trout in front of the three or behind the three. Not halfway.

This ranking was made with the help of several contributors to MLB Network and it is a ranking of their ideas. Obviously, the youth wave of baseball is hitting hard at home – and that’s not a bad thing.

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