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Berlinische Galerie takes over Hidden Museum: “Continuing the discovery and research of women artists” – Districts – Berlin

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Cay Dobberke has the following topics for you:

  • For 35 years, “Das Verborgene Museum” on Charlottenburg’s Schlueterstrasse was dedicated to making known the life’s work and stories of women artists who “have been forgotten for various reasons”. Particular attention was paid to women who were politically or racially persecuted – for example, the photographer Yva, who ran a studio on Schlueterstrasse until the Nazis deported and murdered her in 1942 because of her Jewish origin. The unique facility is now transferring its work to the Berlinische Galerie in Kreuzberg. The declared aim is to “continue the discovery and research of female artists, to institutionalize them in a museum with a collection and archive, and at the same time to achieve a greater reach”. Contemporary positions and current issues such as diversity should now also be taken into account. More on this in the newsletter, further topics this time including:
  • From affordable rents to the turnaround in traffic – that will be important in the district this year
  • Interesting topics of the next BVV meeting in our preview
  • The “German Disney”: The author is reminiscent of an animated film director
  • District wants to slow down speeders with new dialogue displays
  • Neighborhood protests against office building project
  • Traffic calming disrupts intersection
  • Literaturwoche im Theater
  • Citizens’ association on Rüdesheimer Platz is dissolved

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