Basketball Brescia, Mauro Ferrari ” Della Valle? It will also be one of the pillars for the future ”

The patron of the Germani Brescia, Mauro Ferrari, spoke in the “Corriere della Sera – Brescia” and in the “Giornale di Brescia” to put a comment on this 2021: “I am very happy with the path taken so far. A project born last March with the laying of the first pillar for Brescia, Amedeo Della Valle. Then moving on to the choice of entrusting the position of head coach to Alessandro Magro, to conclude, in May, with the inclusion of Marco De Benedetto in the management staff. Just De Benedetto, on January 1, 2022, will receive a new position, namely that of general manager of the club ”, Ferrari told Marco Mezzapelle in the“ Giornale di Brescia ”.

On Della Valle, the CEO of Germani Spa told Pietro Pisaneschi in the “Corriere della Sera – Brescia” the way in which he convinced the number 8 to wear biancoblu: “He has always been a family obsession, especially my wife who followed him on television in Milan and then abroad. We met in the spring and we found the deal in 15 minutes. Now Amedeo has age and experience on his side, he just needed to find an environment that would enable him to perform. And Brescia proved to be so with a coach who immediately trusted him and his companions who were preparatory to his game “.

Ferrari then describes the identity of this Brescia: “This is what I saw at the end of the match against Treviso: all the players gathered around their coach. There is a great work ethic on this team. The technical and organizational staff make work and sacrifice their own meaning of life. This is why I am convinced that we will be able to take away some satisfactions once we have reached salvation ”.

Finally, a joke about the new limit of 35% of capacity in sports halls: “Since this project began, I have never had the opportunity to see the PalaLeonessa full. If everyone has a negative buffer, three doses of vaccine, temperature ok, FFP2 mask and respect the distance I don’t understand why not to keep at least 50% “.

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