Badminton Rinconada, in ascending line (2-5)

The Badminton Rinconada it always comes back. The corner players, with a bad league start, have recovered spectacularly, achieving important victories in recent days. Although there is great equality in the Group B of the Badminton Division of Honor, the corner team is after this victory in the solo second position, and only 3 behind the leader, Badminton San Fernando. Undoubtedly, Antonio Molina’s men have managed to turn the situation around, currently becoming one of the most fit teams in the competition.

The match against Torres Group CB Granada in Granada lands it began in a great way. The mixed doubles fell on the corner side in three sets comfortably for Rory Easton and Laura Molina against Daniel Franco and María de La O Pérez (6-11, 5-11, 5-11).

In the men’s and women’s double duels, Badminton Rinconada managed to give the turning point of the match, getting the two points. First of all, the corner Laura and Marta Molina won after the withdrawal of the Granada team due to an injury to Sonia Martínez while the corner players Jaume Perez and Rory Easton they won in four sets after a bad first set by the cornerbacks who made amends in the following ones (11-9, 8-11, 6-11, 5-11).

After the double duels, Rinconada had done most of the work, being very solid in the first three games that made the game turn very quickly. For the fourth point, I would go on stage Leona Lee, the brand new corner signing that became official this Thursday and that, despite her youth, is called to be one of the key players in the squad. Role that more than fulfilled to win with authority against María de La O Pérez in three sets to get the fourth corner point and the consequent victory (8-11, 3-11, 5-11). On the other hand, Charles Piris gave up the first point in favor of the locals against Amauri Dany Rachel Lievre in three sets (11-6, 11-7, 11-9).

To finish, luck in the men’s and women’s singles No. 1 would be uneven for the corner players, managing to win Nerea Ivorra in three sets against Ainhoa ​​Ramírez (2-11, 7-11, 6-11) while James Perez he lost in four sets against Rubén García (11-7, 11-6, 8-11, 11-9).

Finally, the rinconeros managed to a weight victory in Granada which confirms that the bad start for the corner was a mirage, since Antonio Molina’s men are second alone and with a streak that is straightening the course towards the play-offs for the title of the competition.

The corner coach assessed the victory achieved at the end of the match, qualifying the work of his team: “We are in a good moment of form. We have not been able to count on all those we would have liked, but those who have been here today have been brutal. We have managed to start well in almost all the games and that has been the key to take it away. Once again, the doubles have played an important role, since they have allowed us to put on a platter the victory that was in the hands of Leona Lee, who today has certainly shown the role we want it to play. She is a great player in both doubles and singles, and her letter of introduction could not have been better with a more than serious match”.

Regarding the good moment, Molina confirms that “we have always trusted this group. The very irregular start we had has not made us deviate one iota from our line of work, and perseverance has brought us here. We managed to secure second place but it is clear that there is still a lot of fabric to cut. There are three finals left and we know that if we manage to win at least two of the three remaining stakes we will have second place assured. We will continue working to get to the play-offs, a goal that seemed difficult but we have straightened it out until we are a team in a very good state of form”.

The corner players will have no rest, because next week at 11:30 the seventh day will be played at the Fernando Martín against UD Ibiza Badminton Pitius, in what will be a new final for Antonio Molina’s men who, if they win, will have achieved a large part of the way to the semifinals for the title of the Division of Honor of Spanish Badminton.



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